Luna and Flynn´s puppies is born 6/12-08
2 bitches and 2 males
Very low inbreed 3,2% in 6 generations
Puppies without PRA or Fucosidosis.
There may be puppies in the following colors brown / white, with tan.

Photos of the litter

What do you buy when you buy a Satin Spot puppy?

Luna - Satin Spot Amazing Spirit

Flynn - Graftonbury Manhattan

HD Status: A
Eyes: Clear

HD Status: A
Eyes: Clear
Flynn is a wonderful wonderful dog. Now it is 2nd time we use him and we do so for that reason that both Mille and Molly is 2 quite amazing dog. Now we have followed Mille little closer because she has been here on holiday in particular and I must say that she lives fully up to be a fantastic hunting dog. She is super-obedient, here fetch and her search is good, yes and so she has a passion water there is a great thing. Flynn, we also know very well because he also has kept the holiday with us .. and he is enjoying just being with the girls.

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Pedigree for the litter

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