I had for many years wanted a dog, since I have growen up with dogs. However it was not until 1999, that my wish came true. We bought a cocker spaniel bitch called Bine. Bine was a rehomed dog, and we were told she was approx. 1½, whitch sounded ok for us. After a visit to the vet, her micro chip told us something very different. Bine was 4 years old.
During the fall of 2003, I read somewhere that there was Spaniel training in Hobro. All thoug Bine had turned 8 years, she was fit as a fiddle and ready to learn new things. Both Bine and myself learnt a lot from the training. We had a great trainer whitch was the key thing for us - and getting started the best way possible. Since I was completely kooked on dogtraining, we desided to get one more dog, while Bine could manage a puppy. In the beginning of 2004 we picked up our first Springer Spaniel from Kennel Stardom in Sweden. Sif, as we called her, has a zest for life. In august 2004 Bine sadly passed away with meningitis due to a tick bite. Sif morned a great deal and suddenly had trouble with being alone. Against all ods we ordered one more puppy from Stardom. We got Freja in November 2004.
Freja was just what Sif needed - gone where all te "home alone" problems, you might say that Sif growed up in just one week.
In march 2005 I got our prefix registrerede.
There are many people to thank, for many things, but I are extremly thankful to Johan and Anneli from kennel Stardom, for our wonderful dogs. A great thank you also to Steen and Hanne from kennel Tacora, for helping us find these great dogs, and last but not least, for company and help at shows, training and grooming.
Thanks for a great start!